WE ARE EMPLOYMENT PROFESSIONALS — Our staff didn’t happen by chance. It has been built. We are indeed fortunate to have fused into a highly ethical service organization, the most experienced, effective and progressive personnel specialists in the entire Southern California area.

WE ARE PEOPLE EXPERTS — After all, people are our stock and trade and finding solutions to various and numerous personnel situations is our business. We supply the manpower whose goals and needs match the job opportunity.

WE ARE PROUD OF OUR IMAGE — Each of us has worked diligently to acquire our outstanding reputations, and we are acutely aware that you associate our agency with each applicant presented to you.

WE ARE A TEAM — Which gives your company’s job listings more attention and fine results. Our Agency does everything possible to keep our achievement record better than any other employment organization. This is not to say you do not get individual attention — on the contrary, you get individual attention from all of us.


OUR PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS climate in the office is seasoned with genuine, warm, sincere, caring consultants. But obviously professionalism and caring alone will not do the trick.

WE ARE CONSTANTLY alert to ways and means of increasing our productivity while serving you in the most efficient manner.

WE WANT YOU AS A CLIENT — Your confidence and trust means more to us than a fee.

• WE follow YOUR guidelines not some other companies

• WE follow YOUR specifications, not our own

• WE screen and interview thoroughly

• WE test

• WE check references

• WE don’t misrepresent the applicant or their skills

• WE are honest and competent

• WE get results

WE STRIVE TO FIND the personality, ability, skills, attitude, and chemistry wrapped into the one person to match your particular position.

FILLING a job with Miss or Mr. Right, whether clerical or executive level, represents a unique challenge to us every time.

WE MAKE it our responsibility to know exactly what you want and need, to insure our level of performance.


BECAUSE — done properly, there is no substitute for our function and service. WE can provide you a broader base from which you select qualified individuals. In any category or classification:

Because — We have the tools to save you time, money and many unnecessary headaches

Because — We are an important part of the preservation of our Free Enterprise System

Because — Good Personnel have no tag prices, yet are the answers to success. The wisest investment you can make is the

cost of acquiring an ideal employee, which we supply

Let us, and WE WILL actually be an extension of your Human Resources Department — THE BEST POSSIBLE

OUR service is available to YOU at much less than your advertising expense, and OUR service comes with a guarantee that

no newspaper or website can offer.


TELEPHONE: (213) 249-9040 • FACSIMILE: (213) 249-9041

www.carsonthomas.com • E-mail: carsonthomas@earthlink.net

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